As with all good products, many people love to know about the good old trusted sales practice of knowing the Features & Benefits of a company and its product and service. So, what sort of a company would we be if we didn’t oblige. Live Beacon is a complete / turnkey iBeacon solution This means […]

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Features & Benefits of Live Beacon

6,201,000 proximity sensors have been deployed by brands around the world. And that’s growing. US retail stores alone will account for growing that figure by 1,000,000 this year. Proximity is no longer fringe marketing. Major brands such as Heineken and Elle are using beacons right now. But why? What’s so great about proximity marketing? Well, […]

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The global proximity marketing revolution

Place a shopping assistant with every potential customer, all of the time. Is your brand utilising “I want to buy” moments? Are you helping your audience out at these times? Are you benefitting from them? “I want to buy” moments are, according to Google the “hundreds of micro-moments throughout the day when we’re making purchase […]

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