As with all good products, many people love to know about the good old trusted sales practice of knowing the Features & Benefits of a company and its product and service. So, what sort of a company would we be if we didn’t oblige. Live Beacon is a complete / turnkey iBeacon solution This means […]

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Features & Benefits of Live Beacon

Find out more about how Live Beacon works have a look at our explainer video.: What is Live Beacon? What are beacons? How does the app work? How are the beacons updated via the cloud management portal? See the Live Beacon working demo. To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can […]

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Live Beacon – explainer video

Most marketing tools are an investment. You’ve got to spend money to make money so they say! But beacons are special. Not in an every-parent-thinks-their-ugly-baby-is-special sort of way, but because they also save you money as well as making it. In a whole bunch of ways too. Here’s just a few ways that come to […]

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How Live Beacon can help save you money

iBeacon solutions are very cool and all but they’d be kind of pointless as a marketing tool if they didn’t make you money. Luckily they do. Big time. The power in this tech to bring the bacon, to win the bread, to make money, money, money is outstanding. And brands are only just getting started […]

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How Live Beacon can help make you money

Here at Live Beacon, we are quite confident that other iBeacon providers give the illusion that their solution is simple, quick, efficient and cheap to deploy, but we are also confident that they are not showing all their cards when they sell their solution. The reason we know this is because we genuinely believe we […]

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How to decide if Live Beacon is right for you

Interesting applications for iBeacon Beacons (small battery-powered transmitters that can be detected by smartphones) are seeing increased adoption for innovative communications between online content and people’s mobile devices. The recent formation of the Global Beacon Alliance and with more cost effective turnkey beacon solution providers (such as Live Beacon) starting to emerge, beacons are no […]

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15 interesting uses for iBeacon

Live Beacon is a creative solution designed to push web-content to mobile devices using innovative technology. As market awareness grows around iBeacon, Proximity Marketing, Push Notifications and Content Delivery, so does interest in our Live Beacon product. What is Live Beacon? CLICK HERE How does Live Beacon work? CLICK HERE However, not everyone realises just […]

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Beacons everywhere! Possible locations for Live Beacon

Are you helping customers to purchase immediately? Smartphones are used relentlessly throughout almost any purchasing process. We research products, we compare prices, we search for store locations, we find alternatives. In fact, we pretty much use our phones for everything. This probably isn’t all that surprising. After all, we’ve been doing it for a while. […]

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Are you helping customers to purchase immediately?

Marketing in the luxury world: Are you getting it right? The path to purchase for luxury goods has changed dramatically… It has been a couple of years since the Luxury@Google event and if anything, the insights and discussions from that day are even more prominent today. In a follow-up report, Eileen Naughton (Managing Director of […]

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Omni-Channel marketing in the Luxury World

Sales are skyrocketing with this marketing tech 20 times more sales What could you do with that? It would be like winning the lottery, wouldn’t it? Except that it’s not necessarily such a far-fetched dream. Infact, you could be just one step away from seeing your sales skyrocket. You’re probably spending a lot to get […]

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