The new rules of customer engagement

According to Tomas Salfischberger, CEO of Relay42, “An overarching theme emerges: customers crave dialogue. Fail to engage, and run the risk of seeing them flock elsewhere.”

With 76% willing to spend time researching to get the best value, brands are no longer defined by how they present themselves, but by how convenient, how cheap, they are. Brands need to reprove their value, but this can be done in simple ways that are useful to the customer.

“Simple methods of customer engagement work.”  The Direct Marketing Association

The lovely folks at the DMA have been doing some much needed research into engagement and if this study is anything to go by, it’s a bright future for beacons.

There’s a number of key insights in this piece but the above quote is particularly interesting.

Customers research. Customers want more dialogue. Customers need more value.

iBeacon technology and the service that Beacons provide are perfect for this. They offer more chances to give customers information, they bring the dialogue to new places (e.g. in-venue and out of store) and there is an endless number of other ways that they can create value.

Offering time and context-relevant information, important news, discounts, rich branded content and practical uses are just some of the ways iBeacon is currently being used to give customers more value.

While many businesses have already embraced the tech, it very much looks like iBeacon solutions will be the future of engagement for many more brands and small businesses.

How will your brand take advantage of The new rules of engagement? Read the full DMA report at

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