iBeacon & Beacons; their place in the Internet of Things

People have been getting excited about this Internet of Things thing for a while now – and with such a catchy name, why wouldn’t you?

For those that don’t know, the Internet of Things is simply everyday objects (beyond the standard computer and mobile technology devices we all know and love such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) that are connected to a network.

Household stuff is usually the first to make the list of examples like fridges (that know when you’re running low on milk and place an order for more) and heating (that you can control from a smartphone when you’re not at home).

But it can be anything, really. Thyssenkrupp, the elevator company, has connected their lifts (and employed a little machine learning) so that they know when they need an engineer and automatically call one out. It’s dramatically reduced down time.

So, IoT is pretty cool, I’m sure you’ll agree? The biggest problem with it is that most objects aren’t connected and can’t do these great things. Pity.

But that’s where iBeacon and Beacons come in…

With a beacon, you can essentially turn anything into a connected device and for a for the tiniest price in comparison to the results achieved.

Car park machines are a good example. Councils in particular don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands and lots of time replacing all those machines with sparkly new network connected devices.

But for a very respectable budget and small amount of time, they could place a beacon at each car park and all of a sudden you can pay online and they can get real time car park usage stats, update prices with the click of a button and do all sorts of other stuff.

Retailers can IoT-ify their shop spaces. Put a beacon in your shop window and you can send a receive messages from everyone who walks by; “Alright Bill. Have a 10% discount while you’re here”.

Or, with everyone in-store “Bill mate, you should seriously buy these shoes in yellow. We only have one pair left”.

The possibilities are endless really. And it’s bloomin exciting.

Whether it’s broad like turning your entire store into one connected object, or very specific like using a beacon with every individual product line in your store to “connect” each one, iBeacon is a simple, cost-effective way to bring the Internet of Things to your brand or venue space.

What physical assets does your brand have? How would they benefit from being connected? What exciting stuff can you do with iBeacon solutions?

To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can be used to give you a competitive edge, contact us to find out more:
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