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As with all good products, many people love to know about the good old trusted sales practice of knowing the Features & Benefits of a company and its product and service. So, what sort of a company would we be if we didn’t oblige.

Live Beacon is a complete / turnkey iBeacon solution
This means instant deployment and low risk. We’ve made it quick and efficient for you and pretty much taken all the risk out of using iBeacon

Live Beacon is a propitiatory platform that is completely pre-developed (beacons, cloud portal, app)

This means no hassle, no extra development whatsoever, no configuring, no programming, no headaches. This also means LOW COST to you. Our initial investment in the products development means there is none for you.

Live Beacon is an extremely user friendly yet powerful platform
This helps the seamless end-to-end journey be one that is simple, efficient, logical, and effective.

Cloud controlled beacons
Unlike other beacon solutions that require the individual, manual beacon programming, Live Beacons can be configured, updated, changed (call it what you wish) remotely – no matter where in the world your are or where in the world the beacons are. This is a highly powerful and highly effective part of our software and, because our beacons are already programmed when they reach your hands, they bypass a very slow, frustrating and complicated process of regular beacon updating.

Live Beacon works on both iOS & Android
This means the app supports a very high percentage of most devices out there. This number will continue to increase as iOS and Android dominate.

Custom Notifications
The notification message that is received on the phone when a beacon is detected can be changed in the cloud management portal within minutes. A simple and efficient CMS for easy and quick updates.

Live Beacon uses and supports existing web content. Just add your URL into the beacon portal and your web content will display in less than a minute.
This means you don’t have to develop new or specific web content. You can use what you already have (as long as it is mobile friendly). This means Live Beacon is cheaper as there is no upfront content costs to roll out.

Automatic Switching
As you move around a venue that has multiple beacons deployed, the content on your phone wall automatically change depending on the beacon you are standing closest to. This creates an highly engaging and interesting user experience.

Autoplay Video within the Live Beacon app, so as you move around and different beacons are detected, with a simple bit of script, we can make your online videos auto-play on the screen so there is no need for additional button pushing or human involvement.

Adjustable Range – Changeable transmission distance within the cloud portal Which means your beacon deployment can be remotely managed via the cloud portal and each Live Beacon can be configured for multiple applications/ environments. Beacons can be set to Touching, Near, Medium or Far.

Live Beacons are minimal in design. We don’t want to steal the show.
As Live Beacon is a ‘facilitator’ product (designed to get your content on nearby smart devices of your target audience) they have been purposely designed to be discreet and subtle in their look so they fit in with your brand.

Live Beacons are small, durable, lightweight and weatherproof
So they can be used interchangeably indoors or outdoors depending on the content and the application and are very easy to position / deploy.

Live Beacons have long battery life (2 years)
So you don’t need to worry about beacons unexpectedly dying. Battery life is identifiable on portal and beacon transmission can be switched on or off via the cloud portal.

Live Beacons have been developed using custom designed hardware
Which means our beacons are not only pre-programmed to save the consumer having to manually do themselves, but they are also highly configured for optimal performance and results

Live Beacons gather data and has its own user agent
Which means we can generate analytics from big data so we can report on the performance and effectiveness of the beacons.

Live Beacons are fully secure
Our beacons are pre-programmed and locked down. Users can only change their settings via the Live Beacon Portal, keeping the units themselves secure. Many traditional beacons ship with a default configuration password (e.g. ‘123456’) which is often never changed. These beacons could actually be re-programmed in the wild (i.e. a mischievous visitor with some basic tech skills could re-program your beacons). This isn’t possible with Live Beacons.
The communications between the Portal, the Live Beacon server and the app are all secured using 256-bit encryption, keeping the beacon data and analytics away from prying eyes.
The settings (that you set in the portal) are never directly exposed to end users or any equipment along the way. If you’re using a special (security through obscurity) URL to deliver a voucher code, it’s not possible for hackers to ‘sniff out’ what it is.

In short, Live Beacon’s are:

Easy to use. No stress
Powerful in their performance and results
Fast to deploy
Cost Effective

To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can be used to give you a competitive edge, contact us to find out more:
marcelo@livebeacon.com       0044 (0)207 940 6800       http://amstore-innovation.com/ibeacon

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