Everyone is always talking about how people are bombarded with marketing messages throughout their day. We know that if you want people to even notice your message, let alone engage with it, then it better be damn entertaining, interesting, relevant or timely – or all of these. That’s what advertising agencies always strive for, something […]

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Why push notifications are so ridiculously powerful

As with all good products, many people love to know about the good old trusted sales practice of knowing the Features & Benefits of a company and its product and service. So, what sort of a company would we be if we didn’t oblige. Live Beacon is a complete / turnkey iBeacon solution This means […]

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Features & Benefits of Live Beacon

The best communications is the content that reaches the right audience. You’re probably not going to sell many fatty fast-food meals if your advertising is going out to mostly health and fitness obsessives. A coupon delivered at the wrong time of the day or in the wrong place winds up ignored or deleted. It’s just […]

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The future of mobile communications is context

Find out more about how Live Beacon works have a look at our explainer video.: What is Live Beacon? What are beacons? How does the app work? How are the beacons updated via the cloud management portal? See the Live Beacon working demo. To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can […]

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