How Live Beacon can help save you money

Most marketing tools are an investment. You’ve got to spend money to make money so they say!

But beacons are special. Not in an every-parent-thinks-their-ugly-baby-is-special sort of way, but because they also save you money as well as making it. In a whole bunch of ways too.

Here’s just a few ways that come to mind for how iBeacon can save you money.

Replace costly print
Printing out all those leaflets, brochures, tickets, maps, menus, etc can get pretty damn expensive. Like, really really expensive. What’s your print budget for the year?

Now think what you could do with that money if you didn’t have to spend it on print. That’s what iBeacons could do for you. Simply by providing the same content in digital format, direct to people’s phones.

Many people will prefer to view the content in digital form anyway, so you’ll be many customers happier at the same time you’re saving money. Good, eh?

Not to mention, digital content is more scalable than your static printed goods. So that means there’s no risk of wasting money on over or under-ordering on your materials. With digital, you always have as much as you need.

It’s more dynamic too. For example, restaurants with ever changing seasonal menus don’t have to keep ordering new ones, they just simply update their content. Plus, if you spot a mistake, you can change it at any time without incurring any costs. On print material, if you spot a mistake then you have to get everything printed again, doubling your costs.

Being more dynamic also opens up some extra opportunities. All out of the Teriyaki Tofu-Substitute with Fat-Free Cheese Sauce Glaze? Simply update your menu on the night and avoid disappointing anyone. You can also hyper-personalise content; for example you may show a different menu to children based on their age or gender.

If you think some of your customers would still like the feel of paper then you could always provide both as an option. You’ll still be able to slash your print spend because you won’t need as much as many people start to opt for the digital option.

Instant, cost-free dissemination
Another advantage of iBeacon solutions is that you can put on promotional events across all your stores whenever you want. And it won’t cost you a thing.

No more having to arrange costly delivery of all your promotional materials to each one of your stores. You just update your digital content at the click of a button. Plus, if your store has digital screens/ billboards, you don’t necessarily need any print media.

This doesn’t just save you money but also lots of time, allowing you to react faster to changes in the market and always stay ten steps ahead of your competitors.

Re-allocate staffing resources
Beacons can also support your staff, allowing them to do their jobs much faster. For example, they could check stock levels at a tap. Or customers could even check themselves.

The less time your staff spends on checking stock levels and other such jobs means the less money you spend on it. How much do you think your company spends on the activity of checking stock levels every year? Better still, you staff can use their own phones, there would be no need to distribute iPads & install Wi-Fi in all your stores.

Take this stuff off their plates and staff are suddenly empowered to do more. They can focus their time on other money-making/saving activities and not disappear ‘out back’ to do a stock check, hoping the customer waits for their return.

Being digital, beacons can be constantly measured and optimised.

You can analyse the digital content itself and take note of certain key metrics to improve it and make it work harder, whether that’s directly driving sales, using a code, viewing a thing, or whatever else you’ve designed it to do. You can very easily test different types of content too.

But that’s not all. You can also use beacons to test physical locations. Which part of your venue/store/space is visited the most? Which the least? Then you can figure what’s working and what isn’t, spending more on the former and saving on the latter.

Seeing where people are interacting most with your digital content will give you insight into the environment and actually allow you to apply digital analytical methodology to your physical space. Awesome, right? And because Live Beacon delivers web content, these measurements can be made using existing analytics tools you’re already using/ are familiar with (e.g. Google Analytics).

How Live Beacon saves you money
That’s how iBeacon solutions in general save you money. But there’s a slight catch. A small iBeacon project could costs you tens of thousands of pounds. A large one could put your spend into the hundreds of thousands. So you wouldn’t actually start saving money for a while!

Except not with Live Beacon. Live Beacon gives you everything you need to set up, all in one package, so you don’t have to spend ridiculous sums to develop hardware or software. In fact, you can get a small Live Beacon campaign off the ground for around 10 times cheaper than attempting other iBeacon solutions.

So with Live Beacon, you can start enjoying all the money saving benefits pretty much straight away as you’ll immediately start to see a return.

How Live Beacon can help make you money
As well as saving you money, Live Beacon can also make you money. Spending less and making more? Sounds good doesn’t it? Find out how it makes you money here.       0044 (0)207 940 6800

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