How to decide if Live Beacon is right for you

Here at Live Beacon, we are quite confident that other iBeacon providers give the illusion that their solution is simple, quick, efficient and cheap to deploy, but we are also confident that they are not showing all their cards when they sell their solution.

The reason we know this is because we genuinely believe we are the world’s simplest iBeacon solution, and we are prepared to show all our cards to you with confidence that you will like what you see – and we will happily challenge any other iBeacon provider along the way.

Live Beacon is the world’s simplest iBeacon when it comes to delivering online content to a mobile device.

So how will you know if our solution is the right iBeacon product for you?

We can tell you right now that Live Beacon will be the perfect iBeacon for you if:

You are looking for a QUICK solution to deploy
If our Live Beacons in stock (subject to stock availability), your beacons could be up and running within a matter of hours. Yes ‘hours’. Literally! By the time you get our beacons in your hands, and place them where you want them, they will be delivering your content in a matter of minutes.

You don’t have a huge BUDGET
Here at Live Beacon, we have already developed the beacons, the corresponding app and the cloud management portal. Our investment in time, knowledge and money, means you don’t have to. We’ve taken care of it all! So, because of this, when you purchase our Beacons (for a very reasonable price might we add) that is it! No extra costs. No hidden costs. No developer fees. No complex subscription fees. You get access to all elements of our three-way solution (beacons, app, portal) included in the price. Literally, all you need to do is ADD YOUR CONTENT (URL).

You are looking for a LOW HASSLE solution
Using iBeacon can be a very complicated affair. Trust us – it will require a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced person / team to get everything working together to create a seamless product ready to do what you need it to do. It is because we know this first hand that Live Beacon exists. Our company mission was to develop ‘The world’s simplest iBeacon’ and we are successful in our quest. We have struggled through all of the iBeacon complexities, challenges and hassles and smoothed everything over – just for you. Arranging and establishing a Physical to Digital journey can potentially be a very complex affair. Not with Live Beacon.

You don’t have high iBeacon KNOWLEDGE
when bringing iBeacon into your communication portfolio, you will need to have (or find someone who has) in-depth knowledge about how beacons are made and configured. You will need knowledge on how to develop apps for Android and iOS and have them approved ready to serve their purpose. Alternatively, you will need to figure out how to have iBeacon incorporated into your own app (not a quick or easy task). You will then need to know how to be able to remotely update the beacons so they are not static/ fixed in only doing one thing. Then, you will need to know how to have all three elements work seamlessly together to function how you would expect. Sound complicated? It can be!

You don’t have a development TEAM or in-house RESOURCE to develop your own solution
having your own internal development team is one thing, but having to find the right team and outsource the work to a reliable, trustworthy, experienced team is something very different. Procuring an effective iBeacon solution is not a quick or easy matter due to the complexities around the hardware and software. As iBeacon is a relatively new communication platform, there aren’t many experienced companies offering iBeacon development services. For this reason, Live Beacon exists and stands on its own as the world’s first truly end-to-end solution. Our development team has the skills, knowledge and experience needed to not only design and develop our existing solution, but continue pushing the boundaries with iBeacon communications and future proofing our potential capabilities.
Customers of ours who have previously attempted to ‘roll their own’ iBeacon solution are often ‘pre-sold’ when they find us or we approach them because they’ve experienced the heartache that can come with iBeacon deployment – the grief, frustration, high cost and despair.

You are looking for a COST EFFECTIVE and excellent VALUE for money solution
designing, developing,executing and deploying beacons can be a time consuming and complicated ordeal. And this therefore makes the development around iBeacon pretty expensive. We say ‘pretty expensive’ because we are aware that ‘expensive’ to some, may be affordable to others (and vice versa). A multi-national, multi billion dollar company will have bigger budgets and more resource to throw at a potential iBeacon project than a small, independent boutique shop or restaurant. We are aware of iBeacon development projects costing anything from tens of thousands of dollars, to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. And taking anything from a few months, to several months.
As we have already invested in these development costs on your behalf, we now just need to focus on selling the product – as the beacons come with the app and cloud management portal all included within the price.
Our pricing is fair and competitive. CONTACT US for pricing and see for yourself.

Live Beacon is the perfect way to ‘dip your toe’ into iBeacon and it IS suitable for both small companies and multinationals. Live Beacon provides a low risk opportunity for a single division/ department to deploy beacons without having to wait for a company-wide beacon strategy and because or our ‘no minimum order – no maximum order’ policy, you can scale from a 2-pack to 1000’s of units.

So, to conclude, if you are thinking of using iBeacon technology to help push your message to people’s mobile phones, but don’t have a big budget, nor the knowledge or wherewithal to develop you own solution, plus you want a quick and hassle free experience that is cost effective – then Live Beacon is for you.

Live Beacon may not be for you if you want to deliver a highly customised and complex iBeacon experience such as stock management, passive user tracking, triangulation of users locations. Getting to this end result is achievable but will take a long time to develop and require a large budget. The development will need to be executed by an experienced (and expensive) team of developers and will most likely come with a lot of headaches and complicated problems (we know because we have been there) and will require stepping over many banana skins whilst slipping on lots of them along the way.

To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can be used to give you a competitive edge, contact us to find out more:       0044 (0)207 940 6800

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