How Live Beacon fuses traditional and digital advertising

For too long, traditional and digital advertising has been very separate. Sure, the smart people out there are able get the two working together to exponentially boost results. For example, by knowing how TV ads drive search, you can create better targeted search ads with more relevant messaging.

But those are still isolated channels. Most brands are only taking advantage of how consumers interact with two or more channels, rather than truly connecting them.

So how do you create connections between traditional and digital advertising?

One way that a number of brands are starting to do this is with iBeacon solutions like Live Beacon.

Live Beacon connects digital content with the physical world.

With proximity marketing tools like Live Beacon, you can deliver digital content that is directly connected to your traditional advertising. You can even deliver that content at the same time as people are consuming your traditional stuff.

Big brand awareness vehicles like TV have never been great at driving immediate direct response for physical retailers. After all, if someone is sat down watching a football match and an ad comes on to tell them there’s a sale on at your clothing store, they might be very interested but there’s no way they’re going to jump out of their seat and run to your store right now.

Maybe that person will head to your store at some point. Maybe they won’t. Your ad may have interested one million people but most of that group will have forgotten about it by the time they’re next in a position to buy.

But using Live Beacon, you can remind them of these campaigns right when they’re passing by your store. You could send the same ad directly to their phone (meaning zero extra production cost) or something else that compliments it and reminds the customer that they were interested in checking out your sale.

You essentially get to add a powerful direct response mechanic to TV with little additional cost.

If you’re using outdoor advertising, you’ve got another great opportunity. Using Live Beacon, you could deliver digital content at the same time as people are looking at your ads.

This presents all kinds of opportunities. You can combine a traditional poster with rich, engaging video content without having to pay for expensive digital boards. You could give people exclusive voucher codes as they interact with your branding. You could show people more products in the same line or persuasive ways to use those products like recipes and outfit ideas.

By combining outdoor advertising and Live Beacon, you can turn a single static image into anything you want.

This is just a start. There are many more ways you can combine traditional advertising with Live Beacon to create new, rich advertising dynamics. Get in touch if you’d like to know how Live Beacon can boost your traditional advertising.        0044 (0)207 940 6800

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