6 ways to get people downloading the Live Beacon app

For any app to work and be used, your customers first have to install it. The beauty with Live Beacon is that you’re not on your own. You’re not one company competing with the 1.5 million apps in the store.
Loads of brands use Live Beacon, and that number is increasing all the time, so you can benefit from everyone promoting your partner app.

Downloading an app hasn’t proved to be a barrier for overnight successes like Instagram or Snapchat (for example). Consumers know how to download apps, aren’t scared of downloading apps, and know what to expect from apps.

Ultimately, it is all about what the app delivers. THE CONTENT! And it’s worth bearing in mind that the Live Beacon solution is a FACILITATOR product. Think of it as a seamless tech conduit between your online content and the mobile devices of your target audience. Live Beacon exists to help deliver the content in a new, automatic and engaging way.

But it’s still important to make sure your own customers have the Live Beacon app. So what can you do to help this process along.

1. Ask them (or Tell them) to download it
Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. By utilising all your channels to promote the app, you can ensure that all your customers get it.
Be sure to clearly explain the benefits of the app, and ‘why’ you would like them to download it. What is in it for them? Why should they? Sell it! Educate them.
Promote, Promote, Promote.  Everywhere you can where people see/hear/read the message:

  • In person
  • Email / SMS communications
  • On your website
  • Social Media
  • Word-of-Mouth
  • via an App

2. Compel with content & incentives
There has to be something in it for them! Make it loud and clear as to WHY they should download the Live Beacon app. Why would they download it? Ask yourself honestly – would you download it? Is the end reward satisfying enough for them to be happy with the end result.

  • Give something away
    • Download App and get a free ???
  • Offer discounts
    • Download App and get x% off of ???
  • Make content exclusive
    • Video / Images / Offer only accessible via the app
  • Competitions / prize draw
    • If you are App download ??? you will get ???
    • Download app and you will be automatically entered into prize draw

3. Create demand and urgency
There’s nothing like the fear of missing out as a motivator. If they wait to download it, they might forget, so what do people get if they download the Live Beacon app right now?

  • Make promotions time limited
  • Make exclusive content (that is only accessible via the app) available for a limited time only.
  • Include urgent words in your copy like “Now” and “limited”
  • Give away a limited number of discounts through the app
  • First come first served.  Limited offer only.  While stocks last

4. Keep a great blog
Content marketing is a powerful tool in so many ways. You may well be doing it successfully already in order to drive visitors to your website. Throw in a few mentions of the Live Beacon app and remind people why they should download it right now. Just make sure your content is:

  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Engaging
  • Shareable
  • Frequent enough

5. Sit back and let everyone else promote it
Once again, one of the best reasons to use Live Beacon is that so many others are using it. So many brands like yours are already promoting the app to your customers.
Rather than compete with every other brand in the world over whose app deserves to be downloaded, utilise an app that many of your customers already have on their phones, that’s already available to start sending content to them.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote.
Everywhere and anywhere that your target audience will see your message to download the app in and around your venue.

  • Physical advertising (posters, banners, stickers)
  • On your tickets
  • Trade/National press/magazines

It’s still early days of course, but as more and more brands start to use Live Beacon, they’ll be less and less work to do in order to ensure your customers have the app – and as our quest to become the quintessential Beacon product/solution out there continues, so does the number of people with the Live Beacon app already downloaded on their phone.

To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can be used to give you a competitive edge, contact us to find out more:

marcelo@livebeacon.com        0044 (0)207 940 6800        http://amstore-innovation.com/ibeacon

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