Live Beacon for Proximity Marketing

“Roll up roll up”
“Two for a pound”
“Get them while they’re hot”
“Buy one get one free”

Sound familiar?

“To buy or not to buy?” THAT is the question!

Product promotion has been around since the earliest days of trade and commerce – when a stall or rug was rolled out and passers by were enticed into making a purchase.

Oh how things have changed.

All those centuries ago, there weren’t that many marketing solutions to choose from. No internet, no high tech printing, no mobile devices no high paid marketeers employed by companies to help increase brand & product awareness, conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Whilst the sales & marketing challenges back then I’m sure were very different to the challenges of today, they were challenges nevertheless.

Many of the ancient forms of product promotion still exist today on market stalls. And the concept of promoting a product will never go away. Someone shouting out offers all day long is still a recognised and accepted proximity solution to influence a purchase decision on passers by in the right place and at exactly the right time.
It MUST be an effective solution as it has been tried and tested over a millennia and still stands.

However as a marketing solution to draw attention to a product or an offer, it isn’t very cutting edge and is certainly not at the frontier of modern marketing techniques. Plus, the high street, gallery, shopping mall, stadium, festival wouldn’t be a particularly tranquil environment if stores and products were all literally shouting to catch the eye of a prospect.

This is where modern proximity marketing comes in to play for catching the eye and capitalising on the relevant interest of a potential buyer in the right place at the right time.

Live Beacon offers an innovative and intelligent solution for achieving the desired result of gaining the attention of an interested buyer and delivering relevant and up to date information about a product or feature in a timely and efficient manner.

In our time-poor, always-connected lifestyle, there are no set patterns to when and where we conduct research on products we wish to buy. The use of our mobile devices are as sporadic as everyone’s individual thought patterns. We think! We go online to research. It is no longer specifically Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for work hours. Or 7pm to 11pm for evening leisure time. The boundaries are long gone. They have crumbled from around us and connecting to the internet to research something – including to back up a decision to make a purchase – or not.

So, when a potential buyer has already made the effort to be in close proximity to the product you are selling or showcasing, it is important to have an edge over what other people are NOT doing.
Pushing product information or coupons by way of web content through Live Beacon proximity marketing technology could be the difference between a prospect buying or walking away. Interacting or walking away. Showing an interest or walking away. Remembering your brand or forgetting your brand.

To find out more about Live Beacon and how the solution can be used to give you a competitive edge, contact us to find out more:          0044 (0)207 940 6800  

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