How Live Beacon Works

Livebeacon Process

Many people ask us “HOW DOES LIVE BEACON WORK?”
Our team of developers have been furiously developing to create a seamless three-way link between our Live Beacon hardware (the iBeacons), the App (for iOS and Android) and the online management portal (so you can remotely update the beacons no matter where in the world you are and they are).

1) The Beacons themselves (the hardware) simply transmit their individual beacon unique ID. They continuously beam out their unique information data packet to alert nearby smart devices to their presence. The say “Hi, Im Live Beacon 123456789”. The beacons have built in batteries (so no mains power needed), and they are ‘self transmitting’ (so they don’t need to connect to WiFi to work).

2) The bluetooth on the end-user’s mobile phone or tablet detects the Live Beacon data transmission, alerts the app and the app on the phone sends a notification to the user that says “I have detected a beacon”. As the mobile owner moves around and comes into proximity of other beacons, the process is continually repeated.

3) The mobile device and the Live Beacon App (installed on the device) then have a little chat and the beacon ID code is passed to the App.

4) The App then quickly calls home to the Live Beacon server (that can be remotely updated by the Live Beacon cloud Portal) to see what URL/content is configured to deliver to the phone via the App. For example “”.

5) The App then pulls the web content from the Live Beacon server and displays the web content on the screen via the App.

As you move away from a beacon, towards another beacon, the process is repeated but with the new beacon code that is of course configured to deliver a different URL/content “” for example.

So, whist the process is simple, the development around the hardware, the App and the online portal has been a complicated and arduous journey where we have worked hard to ensure we have taken all the stress and headaches out of your iBeacon campaign.

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