Why choose Live Beacon as your iBeacon partner?


Every day we have people ask us “why should we use the Live Beacon solution, when there are other beacon solutions available”.

Our answer to this question is really simple.

“why would you want to take a complex, arduous, convoluted and risky path to get your beacon campaign up and running, when you can take a safe and easy path?”

It really is as simple as that!

Our tech guys have been furiously coding since 2014 to develop, test and perfect our iBeacon solution.

We’ve slipped on the banana skins so you won’t have to. We have removed them from your path! All beacon related bugs have been identified and addressed! All kinks ironed out.

Let me give you an example.

When you buy a car, you want to drive off the forecourt and be on your way. Right? So how would you feel if you paid for a new car and just when you are excited and ready to leave, an engine block was wheeled out and they said “There you go. Nice doing business with you”.

A rather unpleasant experience, I think you’ll agree.


Or, what about if you went to buy your dream handbag. You were were fuzzy with excitement and ready to walk out the store feeling great! Until, the shop assistant brought out your ‘handbag’ in the form of the raw leather material!
Good luck finishing the job.


Our point here is that Beacons are complicated. Our solution isn’t!

With traditional beacon solutions, you need to commission an app developer to build you a highly complex and technical App; TWICE! One for Apple and one for Android.

If that isn’t challenging enough in time, complexity and cost (many months of development and tens of thousands in cost) you then need to figure out just how you are going to configure your beacons and make them compatible with your App? How are you going to update the beacons when you want to change the content?

Why would you want to put yourself through this stress, cost and aggravation and wasted time when we have done all the hard work for you?


With Live Beacon, we have thought about this! All of it!

We’ve created preconfigured beacon hardware, so you don’t have to worry about configuring them yourself!

We’ve created the Apps and had them approved by both Apple and Android so you don’t have to!

We’ve designed and tested the online portal, so you can remotely update your beacons from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are and where the beacons are. So you don’t have to worry about that either!

With Live Beacon you have a tried and tested, end-to-end solution.

So, if you know all about complex coding, and love it, our solution may not be for you:



If you want an easy life and want your tech served on a platter, quickly and cost effectively without any drama or problems, Live Beacon should be your number one choice.

Contact us now to get pricing or for more information on how Live Beacon can help you engage with your target audience like never before.

marcelo@livebeacon.com         0044 (0)207 940 6800        http://amstore-innovation.com/ibeacon


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