Live Beacon at London’s Southbank Centre

Since launching with Live Beacon last November, London’s Southbank Centre has now firmly established itself as the UK’s largest Live Beacon enabled zone.
Besides giving general, location specific information to visitors both inside and outside the Southbank Centre, the centre’s marketing team has been increasingly innovative with their use of beacons, particularly during the recent Women of the World Festival where exclusive content was only available via Live Beacon.

Chris Denton, Southbank Centre’s Director of Marketing & Communications, said, “It is now almost six months since we incorporated Live Beacon’s solution into our marketing communication strategy and we have managed to engage and interact with our visitors like never before.

Delivering fresh content to people’s mobile devices in a timely and relevant manner is a key part of our vision and being able to deploy and update the beacons with such ease makes Live Beacon an efficient and highly effective solution”.

By using their website’s existing CMS (Content Management System) Southbank Centre have been successful in integrating  Live Beacon into their regular content creation workflow.
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