The power and importance of easy Beacon updating: One of the powerful features of Live Beacon is that the content that the beacons transmit can be remotely updated via the cloud management portal – so no matter where in the world you are, or where in the world the beacons are, you can simply log […]

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The Live Beacon cloud management portal

6,201,000 proximity sensors have been deployed by brands around the world. And that’s growing. US retail stores alone will account for growing that figure by 1,000,000 this year. Proximity is no longer fringe marketing. Major brands such as Heineken and Elle are using beacons right now. But why? What’s so great about proximity marketing? Well, […]

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The global proximity marketing revolution

Are you helping customers to purchase immediately? Smartphones are used relentlessly throughout almost any purchasing process. We research products, we compare prices, we search for store locations, we find alternatives. In fact, we pretty much use our phones for everything. This probably isn’t all that surprising. After all, we’ve been doing it for a while. […]

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Are you helping customers to purchase immediately?

Marketing in the luxury world: Are you getting it right? The path to purchase for luxury goods has changed dramatically… It has been a couple of years since the Luxury@Google event and if anything, the insights and discussions from that day are even more prominent today. In a follow-up report, Eileen Naughton (Managing Director of […]

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Omni-Channel marketing in the Luxury World

Place a shopping assistant with every potential customer, all of the time. Is your brand utilising “I want to buy” moments? Are you helping your audience out at these times? Are you benefitting from them? “I want to buy” moments are, according to Google the “hundreds of micro-moments throughout the day when we’re making purchase […]

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Benefit from “I want to buy” moments with iBeacon solutions

Sales are skyrocketing with this marketing tech 20 times more sales What could you do with that? It would be like winning the lottery, wouldn’t it? Except that it’s not necessarily such a far-fetched dream. Infact, you could be just one step away from seeing your sales skyrocket. You’re probably spending a lot to get […]

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How iBeacons can help drive conversions & improve sales

“After reading something on a smartphone, nearly one in four shoppers has changed his or her mind about buying something while in the checkout line” (Google, 2015) Last year Google published this fascinating statistic. You can have all but made a sale and then suddenly, the purchase can be interrupted, stopped, abandoned? That’s a pretty […]

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Transforming mobile phones from opportunity breakers into sale makers

“Roll up roll up” “Two for a pound” “Get them while they’re hot” “Buy one get one free” Sound familiar? “To buy or not to buy?” THAT is the question! Product promotion has been around since the earliest days of trade and commerce – when a stall or rug was rolled out and passers by […]

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Live Beacon for Proximity Marketing

Many people ask us “HOW DOES LIVE BEACON WORK?” Our team of developers have been furiously developing to create a seamless three-way link between our Live Beacon hardware (the iBeacons), the App (for iOS and Android) and the online management portal (so you can remotely update the beacons no matter where in the world you […]

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How Live Beacon Works

Every day we have people ask us “why should we use the Live Beacon solution, when there are other beacon solutions available”. Our answer to this question is really simple. “why would you want to take a complex, arduous, convoluted and risky path to get your beacon campaign up and running, when you can take […]

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