Can live Beacon be built into my own App?


The answer to this question is “one day “yes” – right now “No”.

The reason?

Live Beacon has been designed as a full service, iBeacon solution.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Our approach to beacons is to create a REALLY SIMPLE and COST EFFECTIVE solution where we have taken all the pain out of deploying beacons into your marketing communication strategy. Quick, easy and hassle free iBeacons is our goal!

Other Beacon providers can offer you complicated solutions if you wish. However, our Live Beacon solution is not complicated and we don’t want it to be!  The moment we start trying to implement Live Beacon into other people’s Apps, or creating complicated SDK’s that are riddled with bugs and unexpected issues, we are getting complicated again.

Perfecting the Live Beacon solution was challenging enough without having to manage on-going challenges.


Let’s put this question into a real world environment.

When you consider your own Smartphone or Tablet (and I am assuming you have one if you are reading this) how many Apps do you have?   How did you hear about these Apps? What encouraged you to download them?  There must have been a reason.  You were compelled to?  Something told you that it was in your interest to to download and use the App. There was something in it for you!

This is the answer to how you get people to download the Live Beacon App.  You need to make people aware of the App and let them know exactly why they should download the App.  What’s in it for them?  

Exclusive content
Incentives / discounts / coupons
Loyalty rewards
Product information (web content / videos)

If it is in their interest, they will download the App.

Something to consider…

There was once a time when companies used to want to have their own Social Media platforms.  Companies spent zillions of their local currency and an equal amount of hours trying to develop their own platforms.  Then after a few years, what happened? They all gave up decided that there was a better way. Using other tech companies to curate their content; partnering up and standing on the shoulders of others, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube (to name a few)

Nowadays, companies are much more accommodating to partnering with third parties to help them deliver their content in a cost effective and seamless manner.

Something else to consider…

When you want people to see your website, do you insist that your prospects arrive there on a laptop, tablet or PC that is branded or manufactured by your own company?  No. You are perfectly happy for them to use Samsung, Apple, HP, Acer, Microsoft, Dell to get to the internet.

Once they power up their devices, do you then insist that they connect to the internet using your own branded ISP?  No. Of course not. You don’t mind if they use Virgin, BT, or SKY for their internet access. Likewise, when launching the website itself, we are quite certain that you haven’t launched your own Internet Browser?  You are happy for your target audience to arrive on your website using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera.  Of course you are.  As long as they arrive on your website, why would you care?


With this theory in mind, it really shouldn’t matter what Beacon solution people use to engage with your content in your premises?  As long as they get to your content and there is something in it for them at the end..

Live Beacon is just a means of accessing your content within your environment, in the same way as all the above examples.

As iBeacons become more widely used around the UK and the rest of the world as an engagement solution, so the exposure for Live Beacon will grow.
Every day, more and more people are downloading the Live Beacon App so they can interact with their favourite brands in their favourite locations and earn the trust and continued respect of their favourite brands. With locations like London’s Southbank Centre using the Live Beacon solution, we are seeing an exponential surge in App downloads due to their high footfall.

Contact us to find out more        0044 (0)207 940 6800

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