What is iBeacon? What is Live Beacon?

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is a set of guidelines created by Apple to help developers build location-based hardware (beacons) and software.

What are Beacons?

A beacon is a wireless device that utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit data signals to mobile devices when in close proximity.

What is Live Beacon?

The Live Beacon platform is a seamless end-to-end solution that connects iBeacons to Smartphones in a super-efficient way.

It is the world’s simplest and most efficient iBeacon solution.

The platform is comprised of the beacons themselves, the app, and the online management portal to remotely update the beacons.

1) BEACONS – Live Beacons are small battery-powered transmitters that broadcast the unique Live Beacon code
2) APP – The Live Beacon App is available to download right now (for free) for Android and Apple. It it the link between your Smart device and the web-content that is pulled through to your smart device
3) Management Portal – no matter where you are or where your iBeacons are, they can be remotely managed via the Live Beacon portal so the content can be changed in minutes.

What is their purpose?

Live Beacon is designed to help deliver content to people’s smart devices.
The Live Beacon solution will enhance location-based experiences in today’s ‘always-connected’ world by sending useful and relevant content to people’s mobiles WHEN and WHERE it matters

They help:
– bridge the physical and digital worlds
– deliver content to people’s phones
– brands to engage with buyers at the time it is most important
– turn bystanders into buyers

How do Live Beacons work?

With Live Beacon, there is a 3-way link between:

1) The Beacons (hardware) transmit the beacon code. They continuously beam out the beacon info and alert everyone that is interested to their presence.

2) The phone (and specifically the Bluetooth on the phone) detects the beacon signal and sends a notification to the phone that says “I’m detecting a beacon”

3) The App on the phone then gets passed the beacon signal data detected by the phone “I am beacon 111111111”.
The App interprets the beacon code and talks to the Live Beacon server/portal to see what URL/content is set up to pull through to the App. For example “www.client-website-product1.com”. This URL can be remotely updated via the Live Beacon portal.
The App then pulls the web content from the internet and displays it on the screen via the App.

As you move away from a beacon, towards another beacon, the process is repeated but with the new beacon code (222222222 for example), that is set up to deliver a different URL/content “www.client-website-product2.com”.


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