We are often asked “CAN LIVE BEACON BE BUILT INTO MY OWN APP?” The answer to this question is “one day “yes” – right now “No”. The reason? Live Beacon has been designed as a full service, iBeacon solution.  CLICK HERE to find out more. Our approach to beacons is to create a REALLY SIMPLE […]

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Can live Beacon be built into my own App?

There is a real beacon buzz in the air as talk of how beacons (portable and wireless bluetooth enabled devices) will revolutionise proximity marketing communications over the next few years. A few of the UK’s leading high street retailers had began trials in-store, Tescos, Waitrose, Asda and John Lewis all launched trials in 2014 however […]

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What’s the buzz about Beacons?

What is iBeacon? iBeacon is a set of guidelines created by Apple to help developers build location-based hardware (beacons) and software. What are Beacons? A beacon is a wireless device that utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit data signals to mobile devices when in close proximity. What is Live Beacon? The Live Beacon […]

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